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Meet the Artist


Cat Arnold
catcre8sart at yahoo dot com

Artist Statement
Currently living in Tumwater, Washington, the furthest south of the Puget Sound, I am an artist who has contemporary, abstract digital paintings and drawings in pen & ink, graphite pencil and color pencil.

I am motivated to create, because everywhere I see the possibilities of making something new out of common matter in a fresh mix of color, line and shape.

My sources of inspiration to generate art that is distinctive comes from my influence and love of symbolism.  For instance: the calligraphy of the Japanese, or the writing of ancient alchemy chemistry, or astrological symbols. The renaissance of the 1960's of new ideas, art, music has been an influence, in addition to my broadening understanding of spirtuality.

The most frequent way that I develop artwork is to use plain copy paper, and either a pen or a pencil and start sketching out ideas. I further flesh it out with paint, pencil or software.